Xinbei Liang

Hello! ︎ I’m a Graphic Communication Designer recently graduated from University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins. I have a profound interest and skilled in Visual Design and currently looking for a creative role in London.
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Honesty with Chatbot AI 

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My intention was to explore how AI can bring positive significance to me and others in modern society. During my preliminary research, I was greatly inspired by Ann Scherer's TED Talk on our increased honesty when facing machines. Her research discussed how retired American soldiers, when facing AI chatbot, are more likely to let go of social norms and openly discuss their psychological traumas.

This made me reflect on myself as well. The AI I interact with the most in my daily life are chatbots. I rely on it to discuss various topics that are difficult to bring up with family or friends, or to navigate challenging social situations, such as politely refusing others.

Using my expertise in visual communication design, I then tell the story of the impact of chatbot AI on retired soldiers and myself, emphasising and expressing the unexpected assistance that chatbot AI provides to individuals in terms of their mental well-being. I also speculate that AI will gradually become our friends. ︎
May 2023