Xinbei Liang

Hello! ︎ I’m a Graphic Communication Designer recently graduated from University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins. I have a profound interest and skilled in Visual Design and currently looking for a creative role in London.
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Always Returning ︎

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In 2020 I returned home for a break from school due to the epidemic and spent more time staying at home. After a long period of seemingly having no energy for most things, I used the purchase of an ipad pro as an opportunity to start lying in bed and drawing.

I began to try to let my body remember those brief moments of true relaxation and pure nothingness, like I was completing a complete ritual. It was as if all the emotions responded after I started to paint, and all the tired routines that I had experienced in 2020 could be stretched out in the painting.

Looking at the result of their presentation, all the memories seem to be rationalised under these vibrant colours, yet I seem to keep denying their existence in reality over and over again. I realised that I was in pursuit of the glorified memories of reality and the idealised beautiful dreamland, and that I was running back and forth panting in pursuit of these, and the silence after the constant retracing and the paintings perhaps helped me to show the meaning of this whole process.