Xinbei Liang

Hello! ︎ I’m a Graphic Communication Designer recently graduated from University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins. I have a profound interest and skilled in Visual Design and currently looking for a creative role in London.
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︎ @xinbeigraphics

Marriage Simulator ︎

[Illustration] [2D Motion]

Marriage Simulator is a project that I completed during my Bachelor's degree studies. Its aim was to explore satirical humor within feminism by using illustrations and moving images to provoke conservative Chinese individuals to reflect on the inequality and objectification of women in marriages.

Through my research into the objectification of women in Chinese marriages, I created three illustrated moving images that represent the three typical stages that modern Chinese women go through in contemporary marriages: the period before marriage, the wedding, and married life. For instance, the concept of "Bride Price" still objectifies women's fertility and other extrinsic values. ︎
June 2022